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You remember the chants. You still wear the colors. As a proud Kansas City Public Schools graduate, you know firsthand the value of being educated within the largest, most diverse school district in the metro area. And if you're a parent, guardian or KCPS staff member, you fully understand the love and professionalism this unique educational experience embodies. The Foundation invites you to channel that passion for your alma mater to inspire students today and tomorrow. Trust us. You can make a difference.

Ways to Help:

  1. Speak Up. Wherever you are, in social and business environments, share your KCPS story, letting everyone know why you're proud to be "KCPS Made."
  2. Come Home. Whenever possible, show up at your alma mater's homecoming events or other school activity so current students know you care.
  3. Give. Make a 501(c)(3)-qualified financial contribution to the Foundation online, or visit kcpublicschools.org to learn about opportunities to share your time and talents through Lead to Read, Testing Time and other mentoring or educational enrichment activities.
  4. Step Up. Alumni as Advocates is a multi-generational advisory team of district graduates who are called upon periodically to provide input on ways to keep KCPS alumni engaged. Interested? Apply online.